Hello and welcome to this Summer School Writers’ Forum – where we publish creative writing from our course participants and share information with you on writing and upcoming courses.

A selection of stories from my last course, Write Your Short Story, has just been uploaded. From a dysfunctional royal family to turning 80 in a hospital bed, these stories show that creative inspiration is all around us.

The writers on this short story course are incredible. On week 1, we all started with a blank page and on week 5, everyone (everyone!) read out the first 700 words of their short story. Each on our own Zoom screens, we sat back with a coffee and enjoyed the adventures from far and wide. I always find it amazing that as writers, we start with nothing and in such a short time, coax a fully-fledged story into existence.

Whether you are a published writer or aspire to write a good diary entry, taking a writing course where you can share ideas with fellow creatives and get good feedback on your work is so encouraging. Writing often takes time alone at a computer but when you work with a group, it helps to create a feeling of purpose and energy around your writing project (we all care about your word count!)

My next course, Your Wonderful Novella Journey, starts on Saturday August 5th and will run weekly until Saturday September 2nd. I love the novella form and am reacquainting myself with some much-loved novellas at the moment – Jack London’s Call of the Wild is one of the most devastatingly beautiful books I have read – and I was lucky enough to spend the day at Waterstone’s Bookshop in Piccadilly recently, where there was an enormous display of novellas with a sign calling them, Miniature Heroes. Perfect.

There will be a maximum of 20 writers on the novella course and tickets are now available on webtickets.

I hope you’re finding some daily space and time to write.

Yours Creatively,