Dr Gerry Adlard, coordinator: volunteer garden guides of Kirstenbosch

Saturday 4 February

10.00 am–12.00pm

COURSE FEE R150 plus Kirstenbosch entrance fee

Maximum number of participants 60

This guided walk complements the lecture that celebrates the hundred and tenth anniversary of the founding of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Participants will follow the steps that were taken to locate, plan and develop the garden – giving attention to the founding principles, design criteria, challenges and milestones, as well as to the people who made it the world’s premier indigenous botanical garden. The route will begin where it all began, and lead into the Matthews rockery, through the dell and the cycad amphitheatre and then up to study the proteas and ericas. The history, recent improvements and some current plans will be revealed along the way.

Four garden guides will each take a maximum of 15 participants on the two-hour tour.

Recommended reading

Huntley, B.J. 2013. Kirstenbosch: The Most Beautiful Garden in Africa. Cape Town: Struik Nature.

Compton, R.H. 1965. Kirstenbosch: Garden for a Nation. Cape Town: Tafelberg.

McCracken, D.P. 1988. The Way to Kirstenbosch. Cape Town: National Botanical Gardens.

Entrance fees to the garden vary for those who are not members of the Botanical Society (Botanical Society members do not pay the entrance fee).

Information about the fees can be obtained and tickets purchased from Webtickets or at Kirstenbosch.

Participants will be met by the guides at Gate 1 (where the Visitor Centre is).