Dr Evert Kleynhans, senior lecturer, Department of Military History, Stellenbosch University

Thursday 18–Friday 19 January 5.00 pm COURSE FEES R220; Staff and students R110

These two lectures will examine the broad nature, course and consequences of the intelligence war in South Africa during and after the Second World War. The story of the intelligence war is one of suspense, drama and dogged persistence. The course starts by exploring the strategic context and wartime importance of South Africa, specifically from an intelligence point of view. Thereafter the nature and organisation of the German intelligence networks that operated in South Africa is unpacked, followed by an analysis of the British and South African counterintelligence operations and successes against these networks during the war. The course concludes with a detailed discussion on the post-war hunt for South African traitors and collaborators, specifically those involved with the German intelligence networks. The audience is invited to share in the debate on this important, but neglected, episode of South African history.


Lecture titles

  1. The Ossewabrandwag and the German intelligence networks
  2. Counterintelligence operations and the post-war hunt for traitors and collaborators


Recommended reading

Kleynhans, E. 2021. Hitler’s Spies: Secret agents and the intelligence war in South Africa. Johannesburg & Cape Town: Jonathan Ball.