Jessica Nitschke, André van Graan, Sebastian van As, Dewald Bester, Joseph Koetsier, lecturers  

Monday 15–Friday 19 January 7.00 pm COURSE FEES R550; Staff and students R275    

Curated by the Egyptian Society of South Africa, this five-lecture course aims to raise interest in the study of Ancient and contemporary Egypt. The guiding question of this course is: ‘How does Ancient Egypt inspire South African scholars, artisans and artists in Egyptology, architecture, medicine, comparative religious studies and in the arts and literature?’ The course draws on local expertise in the study of Ancient and contemporary Egypt.

Lecture titles

  1. Ancient Egypt in Cape Town: the antiquities collection in the Iziko Museums of South Africa Dr Jessica Nitschke
  2. The influence of Egyptian architecture on local architecture in South Africa  Dr André van Graan
  3. The Ancient Egyptian origins of western medicine  Prof Sebastian van As
  4. Reading Ancient Egypt: mainstream and esoteric conceptions  Dr Dewald Bester
  5. Poetry in Ancient Egypt Joseph Koetsier

Recommended reading

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