Robyn Foley, researcher, Centre for Sustainability Transition, Stellenbosch University

Thursday 26–Friday 27 January

3.00 pm


The course will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of state capture: what it entails, how it manifests and why it remains an ever-present threat to South Africa’s democracy. It will discuss the complexities of state capture in terms of understanding the objectives, scale and implications.

The first lecture draws on five years of research, based on twenty-eight investigations, inquiries and court cases, and on knowledge and insights from a variety of experts from different disciplines and sectors. This aims to provide a holistic overview of what transpired under the Zuma administration. The second lecture will introduce the concept of rackets, to clarify how state capture was able to occur and what needs to change if it is to be avoided in future. This will be done by exploring the relevant case studies contained in the Anatomy of State Capture.

Lecture titles

1. Anatomy of state capture: more than a form of ‘grand corruption’

2. Understanding rackets: how state capture happens and why no-one stopped it

Recommended reading

Bhorat, H. et al. 2017. Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is being stolen. South Africa.

Callaghan, N., Foley, R. and Swilling, M. 2021. Anatomy of State Capture. Stellenbosch: African Sun Media.

Please note that this course will be livestreamed into the lecture theatre in the Kramer Law Building and that a lower fee applies.