Caryn Dolley, journalist, author

Monday 22–Wednesday 24 January 1.00 pm COURSE FEES: 330; Staff and students R165

South Africa is deeply cemented in the global drug trade. How did we get here and why can’t we break out? This course takes you through several countries and details how they are fused onto South Africa via narcotrafficking. It will explore who controls drug conduits, the massive role politics plays in this, and how local gangs bolster international drug trafficking and vice versa.

It will also delve into how organised crime saturates our lives in unexpected ways, bulldozing through stereotypes and the notion that organised crime is confined to certain areas and particular people in South Africa, especially in the Western Cape. Through exposing shadow arenas behind publicly presented facades, this course will excavate just how enmeshed illegal and legal activities are. Special focus will be placed on fire-arm smuggling and how aspects of private security and state policing have flipped inside out.

Lecture titles

  1. Clash of the cartels: unmasking global drug traffickers stalking South Africa
  2. ‘Underworld’ uncovered: shattering myths about organised crime
  3. Guns to gangs: cover-ups, claims and South Africa’s firearm controls


Recommended reading

Dolley, C. 2022. Clash of the Cartels: Unmasking the global drug kingpins stalking South Africa. South Africa: Maverick 451.

Dolley, C. 2021. To the Wolves: How traitor cops crafted South Africa’s underworld. South Africa, Maverick 451. Dolley, C. 2019. The Enforcers: Inside Cape Town’s deadly nightclub battles. South Africa: Jonathan Ball