Dr Joan Louwrens, medical doctor, author

Tuesday 16 January 1.00 pm COURSE FEES R110; Staff and students R55

Dr Joan Louwrens has always been drawn to wild places, which are balm to her soul. When her husband died, leaving her alone with two small daughters to raise, she threw herself whole-heartedly into ‘adventure medicine’, seeking out the world’s most remote corners – on land and at sea – to practise healing, both her own and others. This lecture, both light-hearted, and sad, tracks how she emerges from these dark times and the unusual choices she makes for herself and her young daughters. Resilience and hooks for survival feature along her road less travelled, one that seems remarkably random for a single parent and sole breadwinner. Her inspiration and nurturing of positivity springs often from the wonder of the natural world, along with a desire to experience the exhilaration of the moment, to keep moving, and be the example that anything is possible.


Recommended reading

Louwrens, J. 2020. A Wilder Life: Journey of an Adventuring Doctor. Cape Town: Jonathan Ball Publishers. Louwrens, J. 2015. Making Tracks: A Moving Memoir. Cape Town: Reach Publishers.