Chris Danziger, lecturer

Monday 22–Wednesday 24 January 1.00 pm COURSE FEES R330; Staff and students R165

Napoleon I is probably one of the best-known characters in the whole of history. His nephew, who took the title Napoleon III, is less well known, but ruled France for twenty-two years, seven years longer than his uncle. But who was Napoleon II? His almost forgotten story is one of those curious sub-plots of history, at the same time an intensely personal story and one which was dictated by the great power struggles of European history.

Lecture titles

  1. Napoleon’s search for a dynasty
  2. The King of Rome: Emperor in waiting
  3. An embarrassing survival: a new identity

Recommended reading

Rostand E. 2018. L’Aiglon. Createspace.

Von Wertheimer E. 1905/2022. Napoleon II. J. Lane.

O’Donoghue E.M. 1935. Napoleon II, King of Rome. Low Marston.