Alessandro De Maddalena, shark specialist

Thursday 25–Friday 26 January 5.00 pm COURSE FEES R220; Staff and students R110

Sharks are fascinating predators that evolved long before dinosaurs. No other marine animal is surrounded by as much mystery and fear. However, many species of sharks have strongly declined during the past decades due to overfishing of them or their prey. This two-lecture course will explore the world of these marine predators to inspire participants to a greater level of respect and admiration for them. The lectures will cover classification, identification, morphology, swimming, anatomy, reproduction, habitat, predatory strategies, diet, and their ecological role in marine ecosystems.


Lecture titles

  1. Taxonomy and anatomy of sharks
  2. Ecology and ethology of sharks

Recommended reading

De Maddalena, A. 2008. Sharks. The Perfect Predators. Auckland Park: Jacana Media.