Rob Louw, physics lecturer

Monday 15–Tuesday 16 January 11.15 am COURSE FEES R220; Staff and students R110

The course will take a brief look at interesting physical phenomena and explain what they are. For example: What is time dilation? Why can’t you travel faster than the speed of light? What happens to your mass as you approach the speed of light? What is a photon? What is the electromagnetic spectrum? What is the electromagnetic doppler effect? Why does light ‘bend’ when it enters water? What is gravity? What is escape velocity? How do satellites change orbit? What is gravitational time dilation? What is a photon? What is refraction? What is blackbody radiation? Does a photon have mass? Does a photon have momentum and energy? What is the photoelectric effect? What is wave particle duality? What is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? What are quantum states? What is polarisation? What is quantum entanglement? What is a quantum computer? How does the GPS system work?

Both lectures will be augmented by (free) lunchtime videos at 1.00 pm on Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 January.



Notes for Rob's lectures can be accessed here:

/sites/default/files/media/documents/summerschool_uct_ac_za/183/Interesting physical phenomena[11].pdf