Sally Cranswick

Hello and a warm welcome to this writing forum – it’s wonderful to see you here and to widen our writing community.

We have just come to the end of our latest writing course, Your Wonderful Novella Journey, where, over the course of five weeks, we explored the beautiful novella genre and we began to write our own novellas.

This was an online course and the wonderful thing about this format is that we can come together as an international creative community; we had writers joining from England, Scotland, Sweden, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Western Cape and Gauteng!

Writers came to this course with story ideas from so many different sources – from real-life stories to high concept fantasy and historical fiction. There is no doubt that the discussions around these ideas inspired us all.

Each week we progressed through a series of writing techniques, coupled with writing exercises, which I have carefully designed during my years as a writing coach to get the story flowing and onto the page.

These novella writers were fearless pen movers! They wrote, they shared and they moved on to the next paragraph as we created the all-important daily habit of writing (Morning Miracles!) which is the cornerstone of everything I teach. 

Week five was The Novella Slam, where everyone got the chance to read the first page of their novella out loud. This was a magnificent session and it always amazes me that we start the course with a blank page and by the end of five sessions, everyone has a story to tell. Sitting back with a coffee and a blanket (it was a very cold day), we got to hear stories as told by their authors, which is a real treat.

Please look out for these fantastic stories which are being loaded onto this site.

I am looking forward to hosting my next course – Write Your Short Story, from concept to completion – for January Summer School 2024. Book here  for the Summer School Short Story course 

It’s a great day to write!



“Sally presented the course with positive energy that got everybody involved and feeling comfortable from the first session. Her passion for writing and stories, pleasant disposition and her genuine interest in participants was clear and very encouraging from the get go. Her blend of “lecture type” inputs coupled with witing exercises and interactions between participants made for an enjoyable learning experience. I normally drift off and easily loose interest in presentations, but I stayed rivetted during the sessions in this novella course. Could not believe that two hours could fly by so quickly.” 
Chris, Cape Town

“It’s the last session of my Wonderful Novella writing course and I am sad. Sad to go out, all on my own, into the wide writers’ world where the unknown is waiting and the known compassionate, gently directed, and solid know-how of Sally is not. I am perplexed that I started the course with angst and trepidation because “I cannot write” yet ending a 5 week journey reading 800 odd words experiencing being accomplished, enlightened and satisfied. A new world emerged which is only possible because of the creative journey Sally took us / me on.  Forever grateful.”
Elize, Cape Town