Sally Cranswick

Saturdays from 10:00–12:00

Dates: 13 April– 10 May

Online platform: The course will be offered on Zoom. Upon registration the link will be provided.

Course fee: R2 000

Booking is through Webtickets: https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1542956820

In a genre of its own, the memoir essay is a wonderful form which allows the writer to explore the beauty of an encapsulated memory or feeling without committing to a whole novel.

During this workshop series we will look at examples of wonderful memoir essays from different genres and we’ll discuss ways to shape our own narratives around the essay form, using structure, voice, style and theme, how to write about people, memories and truth, in a way that heals not harms, and how to extend one essay into a collection of work.

Each workshop will include formal presentations, group discussions, writing exercises and plenty of opportunity to ask questions. There will be weekly homework (for those who want it) and writers may submit a final piece of work to Sally for feedback.

The aim of this course is to write a memoir essay and to have fun as a creative community whilst writing towards our highest goals.

Session 1

Inspiration, ideas and thinking about how a memoir essay can work for the story you want to tell.

Session 2

Discovering your unique voice and style and working with timelines, setting and era.

Session 3

Structuring your story around the essay form and how to create a collection of work that forms one narrative.

Session 4

How to honour other people in your story whilst telling the truth.

Session 5

What to do with your finished essay. Editing, markets, publishing ideas, and the chance to share your story ‘out loud’.