From idea to publication

Sihle-isipho Nontshokweni

Dates: 5 June–3 July (Wednesdays)

Time: 18:00–20:00

Platform: MS Teams

Course fee: R2 000; Staff and students R1 000

 Maximum: 20 participants

Booking is via Webtickets: From idea to publication: Sihle-isipho Nontshokweni (

This course designed to equip participants with the requisite knowledge required to produce a children's book. It will include mastering the art of storytelling, crystallising the idea that ‘has no right to go away’ and finding an illustrator and publisher to navigating publishing contracts. The course provides participants with support to develop their story intelligently, positioning them to create, earn and elevate their creative product for optimal impact and income.

Session 1: Defining your literary path

Exploring select children’s books: Analysing acclaimed children's literature to understand storytelling techniques, character development and thematic relevance.

Value proposition, target audience and thematic relevance: Identifying the target audience for your book, defining its unique value proposition, and exploring thematic elements that resonate with young readers.

Session 2: Mastering storytelling

Storytelling styles, techniques, and characters: Exploring various storytelling styles, techniques for engaging young readers, and creating memorable characters that captivate the imagination.

Crystalising your idea, writing your book: Refining story ideas, outlining plot structures, and embarking on the journey of writing your own children's book.

Session 3: Navigating the publishing process

Finding your publisher an illustrator – copyright, legal agreements, and royalties: Copyrights

protection, navigating legal agreements with publishers, and understanding royalty
structures for authors.

Session 4: Trans media, marketing, and storytelling

Marketing, book sales and the power of storytelling: Discovering effective marketing strategies for promoting your book, leveraging the power of storytelling to connect with readers, and exploring avenues for book sales and distribution.

Session 5: Script and development: hot seat session

Script development process and crystalising your idea: Development of written work focusing on story structure, arch, climax, and story endings utilising participants’ scripts to ensure that their work is as developed as possible.