Energy resilience: from the global to the local

09 Oct 2023
Leila Mohamed Weideman
09 Oct 2023

Standard Bank and the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies lecture


Tuesday 24 October


18:00 – lecture; 19:00 – reception


Lecture Theatre 1, Neville Alexander Building, Middle Campus, University of Cape Town


Energy resilience: from the global to the local 

   This dialogue aims to introduce the audience to the concept of energy resilience in a global, African and local context. It will take you through a conceptual framework, presenting the energy transition within the broader challenge of sustainability. The discussion will engage the changes underway in the sector, emphasising the importance of energy resilience and outlining power solutions to meet the global challenges. The discussion will conclude with the practical aspects of energy resilience such as implementation and funding models.

Please note that there is no fee for this lecture but that it is important to RSVP for catering purposes.

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This lecture and reception is sponsored by the Standard Bank.



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Leila Mahomed Weideman

Leila is currently the Director of the Sustainable Energy Markets (SEM) Department, in the Energy Directorate of the City of Cape Town.

SEM, set up in mid-2017, aims to implement innovative projects and processes that achieve secure, affordable and clean energy services within a customer-centric, fair, and resilient energy system.

Leila, studied here at UCT and has worked in the energy sector since 1998 in various roles including Director of Development and Operations at a leading RE company, as an independent sustainable energy policy specialist and preceding that the Managing Director of a leading energy NGO in South Africa focusing on the energy, poverty and sustainability nexus.


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Wikus Kruger

Wikus Kruger is the director of Power Futures Lab, a specialised research unit at the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business focusing on power sector investment, market reforms, regulation and transitions.

Wikus' research focuses on accelerating investment in the African power – particularly renewables - through auctions. He has more than 15 years' experience in the African energy sector and holds a PhD from UCT, an MSc from Antwerp University, and MPhil, BPhil and BA degrees from Stellenbosch University.


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Deerosh Maharaj

Deerosh Maharaj  has been with the bank for the past 11 years. He currently heads up the Power and Sustainable Solutions sub sectors for Standard Bank's Business and Commercial Banking Segments. He has extensive experience in deal making for clients across all sectors and across all segments from small enterprise to large corporates. Sustainability has become an area that he is passionate about due to the momentum that the sector is developing, and the far-reaching benefits that our clients can derive from investing in these solutions.

He has been instrumental in getting the strategy for Solar PV assets approved and implemented within the bank which is perhaps the most competitive offering in the market currently in the small-scale embedded generation space. When Deerosh is not busy with his portfolio he spends his time committed to health and fitness and most importantly his family.


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Megan Euston-Brown

Megan Euston-Brown is a Director at Sustainable Energy Africa (NPO). SEA has supported urban energy transition in South Africa for twenty years. A substantial focus of SEA's work is on building the capacity of people to tackle these new and complex challenges, while providing the technical information to address barriers.