From the ice to the airwaves – A radio journalist's perspective of Antarctica

09 Mar 2023
PIPPA HUDSON, Antarctica
09 Mar 2023

Cape Town Radio presenter Pippa Hudson recently had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica, flying to the ice continent as part of the 'Matrics in Antarctica' expedition.
In this presentation she will reflect on South Africa's presence in Antarctica and the continent's importance as a barometer for climate change. She will also share photos, video, and audio of her adventures exploring the coldest, driest continent.
Pippa Hudson is a Cape Town radio presenter whose show on Cape Talk, 'Lunch with Pippa Hudson', was recently voted Best Daytime Show in South Africa. Pippa regularly hosts author panels at literary events, and facilitates events for corporate clients and NPOs. She is an avid foodie and reader, an attempted surfer and proud wife and mother of two.



Wednesday 15 March




Lecture Theatre 2, Kramer Law Building