UCT Summer School 2024

Celebrate 100 years of continuous lifelong learning

In 1924… we did not yet know of the solar wind, Antarctica’s interior had not been mapped, and no-one had seen the far side of the moon. The Soviet Union had just been constituted, and Ireland had won independence. In South Africa, the ‘Nasionale Party’ of General JB Hertzog had come to power as the pact government in coalition with the Labour Party.

Join us in 2024 to see how the world has changed. The University of Cape Town’s Centre for Extra-Mural Studies invites Summer School participants, friends and alumni to attend Summer School from 13 to 27 January 2024. The only Summer School on the African continent, the programme is open to everyone regardless of educational qualifications or age; the lectures are for non-degree purposes and do not involve examinations. Several of the courses on offer qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Highlights from the 2024 Summer School

Robert and Clara Schuman

Robert and Clara Schumann: Very Private Lives

On Wednesday, 24 January, The Baxter Theatre presented an evening of songs and chamber music of Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann, and their contemporaries, giving a glimpse into the private lives of this extraordinary couple.
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Dr Ramphele

‘Humanity is at a crossroads’

“Humanity is at a crossroads, globally. Our own country is at a crossroads.” This was the crux of former University of Cape Town (UCT) Vice-Chancellor Dr Mamphela Ramphele’s Summer School lecture, held on 27 January
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Topics covered in Upcoming Summer School

Recent public lectures

Summer School 2023 Highlights

Helen Moffett is an author of a wide repertoire of books – from poetry to children’s books and matters of the environment.

A peek into why we read

There are many reasons why human beings read, and as authors Helen Moffett and Bongani Kona note, the answers can be shared among several people.
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EMS outreach: 100UP Saturday Summer School